products to repair and protect your nails

Jene J. Long

While a return to the new normal may be in our sights with schools and shops reopening soon, it is still unclear when salons will finally open their doors or how they will adhere to social distancing.

For the past few months, we have been unable to visit our favourite nail technicians, which has given us the perfect opportunity to take a break from our regular gels or acrylics and treat our nails to some TLC. But it hasn’t been easy. With the constant washing of our hands and use of hand sanitiser, our nails have been progressively weakened. Ageing and biting can also play a part in making them more brittle.

But there are ways to stop damage in its tracks and leave you with healthier, stronger nails by the time lockdown is over. From drinking water to a vitamin and mineral-packed diet, your lifestyle can help improve their

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