Independent Designers Creating Collections at Home

Jene J. Long

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Over the past few months, the fashion industry has experienced upheaval unlike anything in recent memory. COVID-19 has forced many in the industry to stay at home, with a ripple effect of disrupting production and manufacturing chains, leaving millions unemployed. Recent protests across the U.S. over the killing of George Floyd while in police custody have added another layer to retail’s complicated reopening and strategies moving forward.

By now, one thing is clear: The fashion delivery calendar as it stands has to change. A widespread message campaign to realign deliveries with the seasons they’re intended for has been pushed by Dries van Noten and by the CFDA and British Fashion Council through a joint statement, as well as other designers and groups.

For sales, supporters argue better alignment will lead to fewer markdowns and excess inventory. For sanity, designers will be able to

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Landscaping Your Garden

Jene J. Long

Landscaping is the process of beautifying a piece of land or area by modifying or transforming the various elements. The elements that are modified or changed of the piece of land include the living elements such as shrubs, flowers, plants, trees, etc. Landscaping can also include human-made structures like fences or a gazebo, as well as completely modifying the actual layout of the land and sell my house fast jacksonville replacing a piece of land to install ponds, aquariums, etc. In other words, the different elements of the area are arranged or grown to increase the aesthetic value of the land.

Increasing the Aesthetic Value

Landscaping could be seen as both art and science. To increase the aesthetic value of land, you need to have a good imagination and creative thinking i.e., art, as well as comprehensive knowledge about all the elements involved in the landscaping process i.e., science.


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