A Change of Stripes: Béton Brut in Residence at Paul Smith’s Flagship Store

A Change of Stripes: Béton Brut in Residence at Paul Smith's Flagship Store

As the founder of modern style shop Béton Brut, Sophie Pearce has recently had to conquer what she phrases “some design chromophobia.” A collaboration with the vogue designer Paul Smith has persuaded Pearce to evolve her signature monochrome palette and venture into something a small more chromatically chaotic.

a corner scene featuring an andrea branzi flower stand with bamboo form legs an 9
Earlier mentioned: A corner scene showcasing an Andrea Branzi flower stand with bamboo-sort legs and purple lacquered leading (Italy, 1986)  a Mario Bellini ‘Il Colonnato’ table (Italy, 1977) four Pompeo Fumagalli chairs (Italy, 1970s) and a Giovanni Banci resin sculpture (Italy, 1960s). The blue tapestry and blue facial area are from the Paul Smith Collection.

This autumn, the Paul Smith London flagship store at 9 Albemarle Street in Mayfair has become the new site for Béton Brut to showcase its selection of classic furnishings and homewares. “While the cardinal rule remains—I will only buy what I could have in my real or imagined home—I can also now supply much more astonishing parts with a ‘Paul Smith hat’ on, or at minimum manner my individual reaction to Paul Smith eclecticism,” suggests Sophie, who started Béton Brut in 2013 and has considering that attained a status for sourcing unusual and distinctly sculptural furniture and lights from Europe and Japan.

a familiar béton brut scene, featuring angelo mangiarotti
Higher than: A common Béton Brut scene, featuring Angelo Mangiarotti’s Trifoglio table (Italy, 1971)  a Carlo Scarpa Cornaro couch (Italy, 1970s) a Baumann-fashion picket monitor a Dillon & Wheeler Multipla chair, (British isles, 1992) and a black geometric wool carpet (2000s).

Located in the focused household furniture and artwork house on the reduced floor flooring, Béton Brut will existing unusual and distinctive parts courting from the 18th to the 20th century, with the edit refreshed frequently. The first range will contain desks, lighting, sofas, screens, chairs, sculptures, and more, all hand-picked with the one of a kind Mayfair store room in mind.

a desk area featuring a \19th century plaster cast of a classical bust; an arch 11
Previously mentioned: A desk spot showcasing a 19th-century plaster cast of a classical bust an architectural sculpture by Sottsass (1) (Italy, 1986) a Montalcini & Pagano desk (Italy, 1920s) two Frank Gehry ‘Side Chairs’ from the Paul Smith Assortment a Kazuhide Takahama Nefer 3 Lamp for Sirrah (Italy, c. 1970) and a print from the Paul Smith Assortment.

“Béton Brut has very a hyperlink with the style environment, as we often rent our assortment for style shoots,” points out Sophie. “It was via a single of individuals connections that Paul Smith approached us.” The residency, which is established to be a long-phrase arrangement, follows the the latest start of Paul Smith’s individual homewares collection and household fragrance launch.

a florentine ruault sculpture entitled
Earlier mentioned: A Florentine Ruault sculpture entitled “Window” (2017) a Cini Boeri 45/180 Gradual couch (Italy, 1970) Philippe Cazal’s “Trouble” wool and silk carpet (2010) an Isamu Noguchi Akari paper pendant (Japan, 1951) and a pink chair and table, wood blocks, and portray from the Paul Smith Collection.

The temporary was to revive the home furniture giving at Albemarle Street. “For us it was the possibility to existing Béton Brut to a new audience—and a inventive challenge: how to curate a collection that feels each Béton Brut and Paul Smith that will surprise and delight.”

a cavallini italo engraved metal vessel (italy, \1960s); audoux minet rope coff 13
Previously mentioned: A Cavallini Italo engraved metallic vessel (Italy, 1960s) Audoux Minet rope espresso table (France, c. 1940) Klaus Uredat Corbi Trio sofa (Germany, 1969) Annig Sarian 4059 Floor lamp (Italy, 1970) and a cell from the Paul Smith Assortment.

The place, 9 Albemarle Avenue, is a Regency constructing with a custom made solid iron facade developed in 2013 by 6a Architects that, according to Sophie, “reflects the philosophy of what is inside: total resistance to homogeneity and a dedication to eclecticism and craft.”

On the reduce floor, artificial lighting has inspired Sophie “to choose a scheme that has ambiance even though still emotion shiny and poppy.” She describes: “Inspired by a the latest Paul Smith collection, we have picked out varying shades of chartreuse and lemon sorbet for the walls, with pops of rust and brick pink in the parts.”

sophie pearce, founder of béton brut, with a paolo passerini chaise lounge 14
Earlier mentioned: Sophie Pearce, founder of Béton Brut, with a Paolo Passerini chaise lounge,(Italy, 1984) and a tall table from the Paul Smith Collection.

Versus this backdrop, the area has been cleverly zoned. Deemed “vignettes” have been made from an pro edit of desks, lights, sofas, screens, chairs, and sculptures. “I’ve also had pleasurable incorporating art and objects from Paul Smith’s intensive assortment,” suggests Sophie. “It feels much more of a dialogue than a takeover.”

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