Accessibility projects needed for home builders Repair Affair Day

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s one of the busiest years home builders in the Sioux empire have ever seen, but dozens of them will still be taking the time to volunteer for the Repair Affair Day. It’s a grant program that help make more homes more accessible for people with permanent physical disabilities. 

“It was a really old ramp,” Sioux Falls homeowner Brenda Fish said. “Every time I went over it I thought my wheels would fall through.”

The new ramp is a huge help to Brenda Fish.

“They did a fantastic job! It’s not exactly like the old one was, it’s better,” Fish said

Jackie Rust was a part of the homebuilders volunteer team that helped build the ramp during last year’s repair affair day.

“We make a great connection with the homeowners all day long, they love having us here and we love doing it, they’re absolutely fabulous and very grateful,” Rust said.

“I just really enjoy the projects and getting to meet the clients and the people,” home builder volunteer Craig Wynia said.

Wynia is happy to volunteer his skills every year to make sure more people in the community are protected.

“By building a ramp like this, we’re concerned that people can get into their house safely and not take a fall that could injure them,” Wynia said.

Anyone with a permanent disability or is age 65 and older and meets certain income guidelines can apply for a new wheelchair ramp, grab bars, additional railing or other projects related to making a home more accessible. It’s all free to qualifying homeowners with the help of Sioux falls block grants and the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation.

“That helps buy the materials, but as builders, we donate all of our labor 100 percent into these projects to do these, that’s a big portion of it,” Wynia said. “If they have to hire someone to do a project like this, this is easily $3,000-$4,000 or more for a project like this.”

A big donation of time and talent both volunteers and recipients look forward to every year.

“It was really well done and by very helpful, friendly people,” Fish said.

Applications for interested homeowners are due on April 15th. The work will be done on Repair Affair day scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th.