How to Replace Your Bike Chain at Home or On the Go

Jene J. Long
Photo credit: Trevor Raab
Photo credit: Trevor Raab

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Besides your tires, your bike’s chain is arguably the component that needs the most frequent replacing. Wait too long, and your chain will wear out, diminishing your shifting quality and shortening the lifespan of the rest of your drivetrain components.

Below, we explain when and how to replace or repair a bike chain—both at home and during a ride.

When to Replace Your Bike Chain

So how often should you replace your chain? Before answering that question, it helps to understand the process of chain wear. As your chain ages, each link’s internal bushings slowly lengthen. In turn, your now-longer chain puts added pressure on your cassette cogs and chainring teeth, causing them to wear faster. This also hampers shifting quality.

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The 2,000-Mile Rule


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Plumbers, Pipefitters, And Steamfitters

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These systems include fresh water supply, water heating and sanitation. You need leak-proof plumbing pipes, connectors and faucets for care-free installations.

Equipment And Tools

A trap is a curved section of plumbing pipe that seals the pipe to prevent sewer gas from getting into the home. Traps also help prevent unwanted items, like hair or debris, or things that fall down the drain, like rings, from going down the drain and getting stuck in the waste system. If you have a very large home, then the culprit could be long pipe lengths between the water heater (usually in the basement) and the bathroom (master baths are usually on an upper floor).


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This custom camper van was created out of a Ram ProMaster for less than $20,000. See inside the design from one of the newest camper converters.

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Dirtbag Conversions' Ram ProMaster build.
Dirtbag Conversions’ Ram ProMaster build.

Dirtbag Conversions

  • Oregon has a new camper van conversion company: Dirtbag Conversions, which was officially registered in May.

  • The company was founded by Kevin Marquardt, who has been converting vans for several years under the “Dirtbag Conversions” name.

  • Despite the company’s infancy, Marquardt has already seen a large number of inquiries, which he attributes to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • One of his builds, created on a 159-inch ProMaster with a high roof, was completed for under $20,000 for a client who wanted a van to take on long weekend trips.

  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

There are a multitude of van conversion companies in the market right now. One of the latest to enter the scene, Dirtbag Conversions, turned a 159-inch Ram ProMaster high roof van into a custom camper RV for under $20,000 for a client who wanted a van to

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Outdoor Home Fixes You Can Do in a Weekend

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Little outdoor home maintenance issues are all too easy to put off fixing, but you don’t want to wait until they turn into major headaches. Take advantage of the nice weather to tackle some of them now. 

To help you get started, we’ve come up with four weekend projects with big payoffs that you can do on your own. “You’d be surprised how just putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door can help you enjoy your home more,” says John Galeotafiore, associate director of product testing at Consumer Reports.

Use our advice to save time and ensure that you do these jobs right. For more easy home projects you can tackle, see our articles on how to declutter fast, make easy home upgrades, and perform necessary home maintenance. For ideas on upgrading your outdoor space, read our easy tips to grow your garden and follow

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