Celeb Gogglebox cast in tears over heartbreaking Repair Shop episode

Jene J. Long
Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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The famous faces of Celebrity Gogglebox were left dabbing their teary eyes after watching The Repair Shop on yesterday’s (June 26) episode.

This included Love Island duo (and real-life partners) Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling, Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash, plus Jamie Theakston and Ashley Roberts, who were all taking part as armchair analysts.

But what exactly set them off?

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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The most recent instalment of BBC series The Repair Shop, which was part of the celebs’ viewing schedule, featured a widow named Julie, who went to the titular shop to have her childhood rocking horse restored.

Hoping to pass it down to her grandkids, Julie went on to reveal that back in the ’80s, her late husband Paul had attempted to restore it for their own children,

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When working from home is much more than emailing

Jene J. Long

Ere Santos remembers that he once had to animate a fight between his character, the sidekick, and the hero of the film.

The sidekick lands on the hero’s head, and the scene cuts. Luckily, the hero’s animator sat next to Mr Santos.

Much like their creations, the two colleagues went to battle on how the interaction should work.

Instead of drawing, these feature film animators create computer simulations based on physics.

Mr Santos likens it to making a puppet that the computer will bring to life.

Trouble ensues if the build is even fractionally inaccurate, because the puppets will slice through their world like a ghost, rather than a real being.

“You can have a hand going through a table, or through another hand if they are clapping,” says Mr Santos.

Eventually, he and his neighbour ironed out their characters’ skirmish.

Animators need to co-operate when their characters interact

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Coronavirus Feeds Home Improvement Trend, Stocks to Count on

Jene J. Long

The COVID-19-induced shelter-at-home orders fuelled the need for home improvement by housebound Americans, thereby driving demand for the said industry.

The home improvement space includes Décor and indoor garden, Painting and wallpaper, Tools and hardware, Building materials, Lighting et al.  Apart from essentials, retailers in this industry are witnessing solid demand for gardening and other in-house activity-related products.

Although states are reopening and people are reporting back to work, the emergence of new cases triggers the fear of a second wave, only to remind us that the deadly virus is not going to subside anytime soon. Rather, the pandemic threat keep people confined to their homes, spurring the obvious requirement for home improvement products.

One of the leading industry players, management at Lowes disclosed that it saw very strong COVID-related demand for cleaning products along with other necessary home appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers and DIY home repair products. As

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A Design Lover’s Guide to Safe Summer Road Trips

Jene J. Long

Whether you associate road trips with being dragged across the country by your parents in an RV too small for both you and your annoying sister or breaking loose with your college pals, American Spirits in hand (remember those days?), there’s something undeniably freeing about taking to the open road. This summer, with the pandemic not yet in our rearview mirror, hitting the highway with your partner, your friends, your dog, or just yourself is also one of the best options for living out something close to a “normal” summer vacation, a much-needed breakaway after spending months in the same place. Here’s how to do it in style—and safely.

Do your due diligence.

<h1 class="title">Low Angle View Of Sequoia Trees In Forest, California. USA.</h1> <div class="caption"> A road running through the iconic Sequoias in Redwood National Park, California. </div> <cite class="credit">Photo: Carmen Martinez Torron / Via Getty Images</cite>

A road running through the iconic Sequoias in Redwood National Park, California.

Photo: Carmen Martinez Torron / Via Getty Images

You want to plan ahead, but you also want to leave open the room for change and

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