Cheers! Use Fox River bourbon in the Fox River cocktail? Hmmm… there’s an idea!

Jene J. Long

Here’s the background: 1) Ann Arbor Distilling Company’s model identify for its line of whiskeys is Fox River 2) Fox River is a cocktail initially posted in 1927 in a renowned and now exceptional e book titled Barflies and Cocktails from Harry’s New York Bar in Paris.

Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings thinks A2 Distilling need to offer you that consume at its tasting home.

Here’s the catch: distillers can only serve patrons the liquors they make. A single of the ingredients in the Fox River is crème de cacao and no one in Michigan is making a crème de cacao (nonetheless). Tammy hopes A2 Distilling will if for no other cause to make a Fox River cocktail with Fox River bourbon.


Lester Graham


Michigan Radio

No shaking, it can be just stirring in the glass.

Tammy decided to make her personal crème de cacao.

“What gave me a awesome Michigan link is that I employed cacao nibs from Mindo Chocolate Makers,” Tammy reported.

Mindo is based mostly in Dexter, but not too long ago opened a branch retail store in Ann Arbor.

She states the Mindo individuals go to Ecuador to work with farmers there. They bring again elements to Michigan and make “bean to bar” chocolate bars.

Tammy says her crème de cacao (recipe under) is not the similar as the business stuff, but it is a chocolate liqueur and it is rather simple to make. I asked for a sample of it on your own. It’s delicious!

The Fox River recipe is, “kind of a very little little bit of an oddball recipe,” Tammy says. She tweaked it a minimal, skipping the un-muddled sugar dice in the original recipe since she believed it would be a tiny grainy.

(The primary recipe can be uncovered below and also a little history about the drink right here.)

“I envisioned this, as quite a few modern bartenders have, as form of an old fashioned variation,” Tammy stated.

So, bourbon, crème de cacao, peach bitters and a lemon twist all constructed in the glass. It’s chocolate and bourbon with that peach and lemon balancing each and every other amazingly well.

Maybe you can try out just one at Ann Arbor Distilling’s tasting place someday, but till then, here’s how you can make it at dwelling.


Lester Graham


Michigan Radio

The Fox River, employing Fox River bourbon.

Fox River

2 oz bourbon (A2 Distilling Corporation Fox River)
1/2 oz crème de cacao
2-5 dashes peach bitters
Garnish: lemon twist

Mix substances in a rocks glass. Include ice and stir effectively. Garnish.

Featuring Do it yourself crème de cacao designed using Mindo cacao nibs. Here’s the recipe Tammy used.

Tammy Coxen and Lester Graham are the authors of Cheers to Michigan: A Celebration of Cocktail Society and Craft Distillers from the University of Michigan Push. The reserve is centered on the Cheers! episodes listened to on Michigan Radio.

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