Choosing Between Glass and Wooden Furniture For Your Store Showcase

Jene J. Long

The two famous materials used in making store showcases are glass and wood. You might be confused as to what factors make these two differ and which one is better. Well, the decision is up to you – depending on your needs and your taste. It will likewise depend if you allow pets and kids at the store. The kind of look you want for your store will also affect your decision.

Glass Store Showcases

The glass store showcase offers you two options: clear and tinted glass. They also have shelves but usually are open; therefore, your gadgets are more exposed to dust. To prevent them from getting stains and smears, you can cover the glass store showcase with a fabric. The fabric can also keep the wires and cables hidden, so it will not look muddled.

You don’t have to worry about dust and stains if you are choosing bonded glass for your store showcase, New Orleans UV bonding glass is more up-to-date and stylish for your store.

I would not recommend these if you allow your pets to roam inside your store. This is because there is a higher possibility of getting people injured that could lead from the breakage of your furniture.

It would help if you also bought a stand that made use of thick glass so it will be able to carry the weight of your devices.

Cabinets for glass type cannot be adjusted, unlike with the wooden ones.

You can also find stands that combine both wood and glass. The mainframe is wood, and the cabinet doors are glass. The inside shelves have glass platforms, too. This is ideal for a store that allows customers who bring their pets inside the store.

When choosing a showcase for your store, you must equally consider the size of your store. It should also blend with the other fitment and fixtures in the room. Most importantly, it should serve its purpose rightfully.

For a wide variety of store showcases and entertainment centers, check them out. Store furniture is also available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Wooden Store Showcases

Traditional types of Stores will be more enhanced with a wooden kind of store showcase. Wood, as we know, is comfortable-looking, warm and can stand the test of time. However, this will also depend on the type of wood used. If you are looking for elegance, wood can give this to your room.

Wood has two types: soft and real wood. Knowing the difference between these two can guide you on the furniture you wanted to purchase. A characteristic feature of most wooden fixtures is the carvings. This is the uniqueness of the wood. However, real wood costs more than softwood as the former is harder to carve than the latter. Hence, if you want wooden furniture with carvings and is less expensive, choose a store showcase made of softwood.

Stands can also be made of lacquered wood. These types of furniture have lacquered coatings that make them shiny, smooth, and sleek. Dusting is thus made easier because of the lacquer coating.

Contemporary wooden stands for television have fitted shelves and drawers, giving more room for storage space. Another plus factor of wood stands is that the heights of the cabinets can be adjusted.

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