Garage Door Spring Repair 101 in Hillsboro

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How do you do garage door repair in Hillsboro when the spring gets broken without winding up in the emergency room?

Follow along as we navigate through what the pros say about tackling a snag with your garage door spring.  

Whether you choose to call a professional or undertake the challenge yourself with some of the great ideas available online for your garage door, it’s good to know what’s involved with garage door spring repair before you call for help or head to the hardware store.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When your garage door is showing all of the above symptoms, it is time for a garage door repair.  Take note that broken garage door springs are irreparable.  Maintenance involves full replacement of both springs at the same time.

You may want to be saved from the hazards of doing the project, especially if you’re not experienced with the DIY of replacing garage door springs.  It is advised that DIY’ers should proceed with care and caution when it comes to garage door repairs.

The severity of hazard with this project, according to Bob Vila, depends on the type of garage door spring.  Let’s take a look at how you can deal with garage doors spring repair when you get into this type of trouble:

  • Extension Spring Replacement

If you have a basic knowledge of garage doors, you can replace this type of spring.  However, there are still dangers that you should be aware of like:

  • Falling garage doors
  • Activated garage door openers during replacement
  • Minor cuts due to old or rusted metal

Here’s a walk through the simpler and safer tasks on replacing extension springs for your garage door:

  • Disconnect the garage door opener to remove all spring tension.  Clamp the garage door in place.
  • Disconnect the spring from the track bracket and spring pulley.
  • Thread a safety cable through the spring to hold it in place.
  • Disconnect the safety cable and remove the old spring.
  • Extension springs are color-coded that indicate the amount of weight they can carry.  Determine the old spring’s color and buy the same color you will use for replacement.
  • When spring replacement is purchased, thread the safety cable through it and attach the spring to the bracket.
  • Reattach the safety cable and the pulley.  Make sure that the wire from the pulley is kept away from the safety cable and that the pulley is installed in the correct location.
  • Remove the clamps and connect the garage door opener.
  • Test the garage door to make sure that your garage door spring replacement is working.
  • Torsion Spring replacement

Torsion springs are heavy metal springs that are always under tension.  This means that it is inherently dangerous to be working with them if you do not have experience in doing so.

When replacing torsion springs on garage doors safely, consider these necessary steps and the tools required in doing the garage door spring replacement:

  • Control the tension by holding the spring with a solid metal winding bar.
  • Loosen the spring from the rod and manually unwind the spring using two winding rods.  Remember that the spring is potentially dangerous until it is fully unwound.
  • Unwind the unbroken spring using two winding bars.
  • Disconnect the spring from the center bracket.  Remove the nuts and bolts.
  • Secure the torsion tube using locking pliers.
  • Remove the old spring by sliding the torsion tube over to the right so you can remove the cable drum.
  • Calculate the wire diameter and measure the inner diameter and length of the broken spring so that you can buy the exact replacement part. and are two online sources of replacement garage door springs which are mostly not available in home centers.

  • Install the left spring.  Reassemble all the parts, then hang on the bearing bracket.
  • Install your new center bearing by connecting stationary cones to the bracket.
  • Replace the bottom brackets, rollers, and lift cables.
  • Thread the cables and anchor the cable in the slot.
  • Tighten the drums.  Make sure the tension is equal on both sides so that your door will open and close evenly.
  • Follow the spring suppliers recommendations and wind the garage door tension springs.
  • Stretch the springs, tighten the set screws until they contact the torsion tube.
  • Lubricate the spring using a garage door lubricant.
  • Test the garage door tension spring replacement.

When to Call a Professional for a Garage Door Repair in Hillsboro

Pulleys, cables, and doors are all affected by a spring’s tension.  All of these parts become loose when a spring suddenly slips during replacement.  If you are not careful, you will find yourself in the ER.

Aside from the risks of doing the garage door repair yourself in replacing garage door springs, it is undoubtedly a difficult task that you have to perform with the right tools and materials.  Hence, it is strongly recommended that you hire trained professionals to do the job correctly because they can perfectly replace garage door springs in an hour or two.  Just make sure they use quality springs that are guaranteed for life.

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