How to Have The Wig of Your Dreams

Jene J. Long

Are you looking for the wig of your dreams?

You have decided to have a wig custom made for you. This is an exciting moment. However, this is an investment. Before investing, do a bit of research on the kind of quality wigs you want. I have a few helpful tips that will help you be prepared for your wig consultation. The first three things and the most important things that need to be met are Length, Texture, and Tones.


How long do you want the wig to be? When unsure about the length. The best question you can ask yourself is: Where do you want it to fall on your body? Do you want to be able to put it up in a ponytail? Be sure about the number of inches you want. If you wish for versatility, it starts with 12 inches and is more prolonged. Ten inches Wig is ideal for a bob style. Eight inches and shorter is suitable for a short cut. Use the length chart below to pick your inches.


What kind of hair do you want? How do you want the hair to look and feel? Do you want straight, wavy, kinky, or curly? There are various types of hair out in the market, but let me break it down to you in layman terms.

wigs singapore comes in two primary forms: Silky or Yaki. Silky is smooth and shiny hair. This is sometimes referred to as Chinese Silky. Yaki is a coarser texture. I often refer natural Yaki to my clients who want the wig to look natural.

Another form of Yaki is perm straight. Perm straight is straight soft hair. This hair looks like relaxed African American hair. It’s not silky, but it’s straight and smooth. Also, we cannot forget to mention the most popular hair.

Remy’s hair

Remy’s hair is the highest quality hair because the cuticle is going in one direction.

Indian Remy, Brazilian Remy, and Chinese Remy are all popular textures.

Versatile hair

This hair can be worn both wavy and straight. Hair is certifiably not a virgin if it is hued. Virgin hair is the best hair, and it has not been artificially made. Along these lines, Virgin hair comes in typical earthy colored or regular dark.

To wrap things up, with regards to textures. There are a variety of curls. Don’t just say I want a curly or a wavy wig. Be as specific as possible.


Picking the color you want is equally important. If it’s for work or every day, you want something professional. It’s always recommended to use your natural hair color shade, a shade lighter, or a shade darker. If it’s for an evening event, and you want to try something new, you may play around with colors and highlights.

Pictures are always helpful as well. It doesn’t hurt to show a picture of what you want. Communication is key. Your wig designer wants you to be happy with your new wig. Therefore they will not be offended if you show pictures.

Remember to know the texture, tone, and length. Your wig designer will guide you through this particular process.

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