Mobile home repair for Sumter city residents

Jene J. Long

Homes that are 20 years or older and ineligible for other community programs will benefit.

SUMTER, S.C. — If you own a mobile home in Sumter, you could receive free repairs from the city.

$100,000 in federal American Rescue Plan funding is now available to help with roofing repairs for those who qualify.

Clarence Gaines is the city’s community development director.

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“The individuals have to live in the city limits, they have to own their mobile home, and they have to own the property the mobile home is on,” Gaines said. “The max we can use is $5,000 for each homeowner. So, we can probably get at least about 20 homeowners with that $100,000.”

Only homes that are 20 years or older and ineligible for other community programs will benefit.

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It’s an important advantage, Gaines said, as many programs only accept those less than 20-years-old.

“Before we started the program, I would get several phone calls from citizens needing their mobile homes done and it’s over 20 years,” Gaines said. “So, we ought to be able to fill that gap and benefit at least about 20 families.”

The Mobile Home Roof Repair Application is available for download at or at the city’s Community Development Office, located at 12 W. Liberty Street.

For more info, call (803) 774-1649 or (803) 774-1652.

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