Should You Buy a Used Forklift or a Band New One?

Jene J. Long

Forklifts are essential vehicles and tools for every warehouse. Without them, you can’t move boxes, pallets, and heavy items from one place to another. Big warehouses need more than one, and they always need to be in perfect shape. See more about forklifts here.

If you’re running a company with a warehouse then you surely know how valuable these assets are. With various models offering different experiences and values, you may run a perfectly healthy organization or struggle to get things done. That’s why choosing the right forklift is essential.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will help you choose which type of forklift will work best for you. Is it a used one, or a brand new coming off the store? Follow up and learn more about these magnificent items, and see what will be best for your company.

Pros and cons of buying a new forklift

When you’re thinking about buying a brand new forklift for your business, you’re thinking about getting something flawless. A new forklift means perfection. Getting the latest models means getting something durable, powerful, and fast.

There’s nothing better compared to a new model. They will last the longest, are perfectly clean, will require just a little maintenance from time to time, and you know you can always rely on them. They won’t fail when you need them the most, which is exactly why you want a brand new one.

The only thing that is a drawback is that they are highly expensive. New models cost more than $50,000 which is an amount that not everyone is ready to pay. If your warehouse needs three pieces, then the price would be staggering. That’s why all companies working on a budget will see the option for buying used ones.

Pros and cons of buying a used forklift

When you’re on a budget, then you’ll be considering the option to buy a used forklift, which will still be useful as the new ones. These models are already used, but not entirely expanded. They are still working properly and come at a much better price than the other ones.

On average, used models will cost around $20,000. Of course, depending on the model, they may be more or less expensive, but they’ll still be at least 50% more affordable than the new ones. There’s also the option to get them on leasing, which is a topic for some other article.

The bad side of getting used forklifts is that they need way more maintenance than the new ones. They might malfunction often, which means you need a team of people that will constantly take care of them. Still, if the calculations are that you’ll save more doing this than spending top dollars upfront, then why not choose this option.

Another thing is that used models are not going to be shiny and brand new looking. They will be used with their paint probably worn off, their tires will need to be changed, and other stuff. This is also part of the investment, but if you put in a little work and effort, they just might come out looking spectacular.

Most small companies will choose to get used ones because they are still working properly, are highly affordable, and will not be a heavy impact on the budget in the long run. The job will be done properly, and if there’s a need, they can still be replaced with others. Reselling them is always an option and getting back some of the money, so think about it if you’re on the fence. See more about reselling and how it is done best:


When you’re thinking about getting a forklift, you need to know what kind you need, what you’re going to use it for, and how much you’re ready to spend on it. Big companies will never hesitate to buy new ones because their budget is nearly unlimited, but small to medium enterprises should always make their calculation to see what works best.

Above, we explained what are the most valuable pieces of information and hopefully helped you to decide what is best for you.

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