The Best Wine Coolers: Freestanding or Built-in? 

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When it comes to buying wine coolers, especially large ones, it may be hard for you to choose the built-in wine coolers or the freestanding option. Sometimes your decision may not be dependent on what you prefer; money and the space you have in your house will be key to your decision. 

Whether you are looking to use a wine chiller fridge in your home or business setting, learning about where each shines and their pain points will help you make the best decision. This is a comparison of the freestanding and built-in wine coolers. 

Freestanding Wine Coolers 

Freestanding wine coolers are large wine coolers built in a way that they can stand on their own. It is a category of large wine coolers that don’t need to be attached to anything to function. 

The first thing a consumer should have in mind about freestanding wine coolers is that you need to make some space for them. Due to the way they are built, they need a lot of air circulation to prevent them from overheating and burning. 

They need about 5 to 10 inches of space around their sides for adequate air circulation. Space is needed; thus, it’s either your kitchen is very spacious enough to accommodate it, or you have a cellar or garage you can fit it inside. 

Pros of freestanding wine cooler

  • The cost of a freestanding wine cooler installation and maintenance is cheaper than the built-in wine cooler. 
  • It is energy efficient
  • There is a wider range of freestanding wine chillers with different designs available. 
  • You may not require the help of a professional to install the wine cooler. 
  • You can easily access the power supply cords, the water outlet, and the ventilation windows. 
  • It is very flexible as you position it anywhere in your home. 

Cons of freestanding wine cooler 

  • It is very bulky in most cases and requires a lot of space. 
  • You can have difficulties integrating it into your home. 

Integrated or Built-in Wine Cooler 

Integrated wine coolers are a category of wine coolers built to fit into kitchen cabinets and counters. This type of cooler virtually fits into any space in your house but keeps away from sunshine and any form of vibration. Instead of dissipating heat through the back like the freestanding wine fridge, it uses its front to remove heat from the appliance. 

Pros of Built-in Wine Cooler 

  • It won’t change the original design of your kitchen or home. 
  • It looks more modern and sleek than the freestanding wine cooler. 
  • A built-in can stand on its own, but a freestanding can’t be built-in. 
  • It is space-efficient 
  • Energy efficient 

Cons of Built-in wine cooler 

  • More expensive in price and maintenance than the freestanding 
  • Low bottle capacity 
  • It is not available in numerous varieties


Choosing the right wine cooler to fit into your house can be hard. There has always been a debate between freestanding and built-in wine coolers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Check their pros and cons to see which one suits you.