The Best YouTube Channels to Save Money on DIY Home Projects

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One of the best things about YouTube is that it has given people the ability to learn almost anything they want to learn about home improvement. Whether it’s crafts, cooking, auto repair, plumbing, or gardening, YouTube makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn almost anything. The best YouTube DIY channels take you step-by-step through tutorials and give you the confidence to try a project that you never thought you could attempt. That’s the beauty of YouTube. Keep reading to discover some of the best DIY YouTube channels for even the most novice DIYers.

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Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer

A one-stop shop for home mechanics, the Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel is dedicated to automobile DIY. Kilmer uploads both bite-sized and longer-form videos on how to increase the longevity of your car, what to look for in a used car, and a series of videos with plain-speak language.

Check it out: Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel

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Glue Guns & Roses

Glue Guns & Roses

A recent video, titled simply 20 HIGH END Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Ideas to try in 2021! has a whopping 2 million plus views and is filled with budget decor tips anyone can try. The channel focuses on inexpensive decor and organizational items that are available from most national chains. Start with 35 Cheap Ways To Get Organized if you’re struggling with clutter.

Check it out: Glue Guns and Roses YouTube Channel

Made Everyday with Dana

Dana Williard

Made Everyday with Dana aims to up your sewing game with tutorials on all the tips and secrets of an expert sewer. Learn how to make a beach towel, tote bag, and a quilt, from beginning to end.

Check it out: Made Everyday YouTube Channel

This Old House Cast

This Old House / Michael Piazza

This Old House has been providing solid advice to homeowners since 1979. Their YouTube channel hosts more than 2,200 videos — some of the most trusted and watched educational videos on the internet. Recent videos include How To Install Mudroom Tile and How To Add Indoor Sconces. Use it as a point of information as well as a source of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

Check it out: This Old House YouTube Channel

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hgTV Television

hgTV Television

The HGTV Handmade channel features interviews with designers and tours of beautiful spaces as well as plenty of how-to videos. The DIY tutorials on HGTV Handmade range from how to refresh thrift store terra cotta vases to a roundup of DIY furniture projects.

Check it out: HGTV Handmade YouTube Channel

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I Like to Make Stuff YouTube Channel

I Like to Make Stuff

Bob Claget’s I Like To Make Stuff channel is the video component to his blog, and houses a collection of videos that range from How To Make A Pull Out Pantry to a How To Make DIY Pendant Lights to Finishing My Full-Size R2D2 Build. Absolute beginners will appreciate a playlist on the channel called Maker 101 that teaches the basics of different tools.

Check it out: I Like To Make Stuff YouTube Channel

Cropped shot of a woman cleaning a kitchen counter at home


As much as we’d like to think that our homes are immaculate, cleanliness is really in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately for us, Melissa Maker is a DIYer who loves cleaning and has a passion for helping others learn how to clean up after themselves. Learn tips for cleaning shoes, steaming clothes, and even how to establish a daily cleaning routine.

Check it out: Clean My Space YouTube Channel

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A broken armchair which is standing in front of the wall.


Debi’s Design Diary is a quirky YouTube channel that focuses on refreshing, updating, or repurposing vintage finds (as well as cool handmade projects). Videos include how to paint an old sofa, how to decoupage with paper napkins, and how to make a seaglass bowl.

Check it out: Debi’s Design Diary YouTube Channel

Home construction with hot red and cold blue pex pipe layout in pipes and exposed beams


The Home Repair Tutor channel is hosted by handyman Jeff Patterson. With almost 400 videos on plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, the channel is perfect for the first time homeowner.

Check it out: Home Repair Tutor YouTube Channel

Logo for The Home Depot

Wikimedia Commons

The Home Depot YouTube channel, while not exactly the most glamorous channel, presents information in a straightforward way for DIYers who prefer their information doled out in a no-nonsense manner. Recent videos include How To Make A Planter Wall and How To Un-Popcorn Your Ceiling.

Check it out: Home Depot YouTube Channel

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Replace the Outlet Covers


For the homeowner who is (understandably) concerned about starting an electrical project, Sparky Channel does a wonderful job of breaking down intimidating projects. Recent videos show viewers how to remove a gross outlet cover and explain what certain tools are and how they are used.

Check it out: Sparky Channel YouTube Channel

Young women sanding furniture in backyard, preparing for painting


TheSorryGirls are all about makeovers and renovations that don’t cost a lot. Standouts include turning a garage into a retro dive bar and how to make a small space feel big. Start with their top 10 most-watched DIY video playlist, then pop over to their All Things Thrifted playlist for vintage style inspiration.

Check it out: TheSorryGirls YouTube Channel

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Teenager boy putting furniture together at home


The Lone Fox channel, known for Ikea hacks, focuses on modern contemporary looks and keeping them affordable. Start with a recent video, 10 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive. The episode, posted just a month ago, already has 338,000+ views. Also worth checking out is Fixing Common Decor Mistakes YOU SENT ME, where the host responds to viewer mishaps.

Check it out: Lone Fox YouTube Channel

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fix sink

A stockphoto/istockphoto

If you’re looking to learn about home plumbing, Roger Wakefield of All About Plumbing has you covered. With an impressive collection of videos, all of them covering different aspects of plumbing maintenance and repair, you’ll find easy to follow instructions as well as a variety of tips that can help you maintain your home.

Check it out: All About Plumbing YouTube Channel

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young green cabbage and kohlrabi plants growing in a wooden self built raised bed on a terrace


Novice gardeners turn to Growing Your Greens for tips on gardening, from basics like how to make compost, how to make a raised bed garden with plastic crates to the more truly inspirational how to grow 53 plants in a 4-square-foot vertical garden tower.

Check it out: Growing Your Greens YouTube Channel

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An empty university dormitory room with desk bed and closet.


In addition to a popular website, Brit + Co also has a cheery (but no longer updating) YouTube channel with hundreds of uploads. The channel offers a range of innovative ideas in simple how-to videos covering fun projects like how to make over a dorm room, how to make unicorn trail mix, and how to DIY French press beer.

Check it out: Brit + Co YouTube Channel

Directly above photograph of a woman preparing fruit pie dough for a german lattice fruit pie


For those who prefer their DIYers not take themselves too seriously, we present ThreadBanger. The projects range from quirky (Turning My Hair Into A Christmas Tree) to jaw-droppingly strange but intriguing (Cooking With Toilet Paper). These days the channel is only updated sporadically due to health issues of one of the channel owners, but there are still hundreds of videos for viewers to discover. DIY recipe videos include Lucky Charms Fried Chicken, Holiday Meat Cookies, a Mozzarella Stick Birthday Cake, and Homemade Pringles, while art projects include Altered Thrift Store Art and a Pumpkin Carving Challenge.

Check it out: ThreadBanger YouTube Channel

Splattered clothes


Amber Kemp-Gerstel’s Damask Love is a crafty DIYers dream. Featuring lots of kid-friendly crafts with bright, rainbow colors, pop over to Kemp-Gerstel ‘s YouTube channel where teaches viewers how to make DIY splatter jeans, make pop-up cards, make a pizza tote bag, and DIY candy boxes. If Kemp-Gerstel looks familiar, you might recognize her from the family crafting show called Disney+ Family Sundays or NBC’s DIY reality show Making It, where she was a finalist.

Check it out: Damask Love YouTube Channel

Elly's Everyday Soapmaking

Elly’s Everyday

Elly’s Everyday Soapmaking is the YouTube channel to turn to when you have a hankering to make your own suds (or learn about all things soapy). Recent videos include how to wash dishes with bar soap, how to make soap using a shaker bottle, and how to rebatch old soap.

Check it out: Elly’s Everyday Soapmaking YouTube Channel

Glueing Wallpapers at Home. 3D Render


A rarity in the DIY decor space, Wayna World aims to help people take their apartment rentals from outdated to modern and chic. She gives lots of tips and hacks like this video on how to make stylish updates to places that might be temporary — as a bonus, she does it all on a budget.

Check it out: Wayna World YouTube Channel

File clerk


One of the few home organizing channels that talks about the decidedly unpretty nuts and bolts of organizing. Start with videos like how to organize mail and how to organize sentimental papers, then move on to organizing your digital life, with a primer on how to organize your Evernote account.

Check it out: Home Organizing YouTube Channel

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Ready, Set, Bake!


More than a simple DIY recipe channel, Peaceful Cuisine presents cooking at its most pure, meditative state. The videos are presented without narration and are shot beautifully in a professional setting, and can be viewed with or without music. The channel has a cult-like following for the soothing nature of the videos — be prepared to get relaxed as you watch (it’s not called Peaceful Cuisine for nothing). As a note, recipes are presented with metric measurements.

Check it out: Peaceful Cuisine YouTube Channel

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