Your swimming pool can be one of the most important areas if not the most important on your property as it’s where you spend most of your time with your family to relax and unwind after a long day of work. However, owning one requires more than just maintaining and keeping it clean at all times. There are other things to consider also like how to secure the safety of your family and even your beloved pets as an open pool attracts accidents on all sides.

There are various types of swimming pool covers and commercial pool furniture to choose from , though solid pool covers and mesh pool covers are the two most popular and commonly used types. The solid pool cover which is the more popular one has its advantage and disadvantage when it comes to providing safety for your family. However, given the right weather condition it can fulfill its duty as well as any other type. The notable disadvantage of this cover is that it is unable to drain the water well every after rain which requires you to use a cover pump in order to drain the water out. Because of this, it poses danger to your children as they may drown even in that small amount of water. What’s worse is that in case your child accidentally steps into it, the tendency will be that it will sink down to the bottom of your pool leading to unwanted disaster.

Its counterpart though is much more reliable. Even when stepped on it could withstand though it’s not as popular as a solid pool cover is. It makes up by doing what the solid cover can’t do. Another thing that makes this type of pool cover great is that it allows water to seep inside which then goes down into the water allowing your pool cover to be free of water. Say good bye to cover pumps as they will not be needed if you use this type of swimming pool cover.

Perhaps the most vital thing is that they are a good line of defense against pool accidents. Let’s face it, you can’t keep an eye on your children 24/7 as they can go to your pool when you are not watching even if you already told them not to go there alone. The US has reported that the leading cause of death among children, especially the little ones, is from drowning. And because of that, you don’t want to take the risk by setting up your swimming pool cover when you are not using it. The same thing goes for your pets as they can drown in the pool if left unchecked.

Aside from serving as a protection for your kids and pets, it also acts as a primary defense against dirt, and debris. Imagine what your pool looks like if you didn’t cover it and a storm passed by. It will definitely be looking like a pond filled with leaves and branches all over the place.