This Hair-Repair Treatment Is So Popular, 1.4 Million Bottles Have Sold Worldwide

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With every brush, pull, tug, and sizzle on your hair, you can damage the hair cuticle, which in turn leads to breakage that seems impossible to reverse once it’s done. And with so many beauty buys out there that promise to make your hair healthy and strong, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of similar-looking products and give up on the search altogether. But we were just introduced to a game changer from South Korea that customers are calling a “miracle” — and in fact, “miracle” is in its name.

Moremo’s Water Miracle Treatment 10 is an easy-to-use treatment that tackles people’s most common hair care concerns in just 10 seconds, as its name suggests. It quenches dry, thirsty, over-processed hair and leaves it shiny, silky, and voluminous. More than 1.4 million bottles have been sold to date, and that number continues to increase by the hour.

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This popular K-beauty find is meant to replace your conditioner two to three times a week and helps to fill an important gap in a healthy haircare regimen: incorporating protein. Moremo’s treatment is packed with protein, notably hydrolyzed keratin, which is the go-to strengthening ingredient in tons of haircare products. Regularly implementing hydrolyzed keratin into your routine has many benefits, as it essentially fills minor gaps on the hair shaft for a temporary surge of strength. This helps to minimize damage from external sources (like brushing, heat treatments, or sun exposure), reduce shedding and frizz, and increase shine and volume. 

The cult-favorite product has a dedicated fan base — and it presumably only took them 10 seconds to get hooked. “My hair has never been healthier! (Without even using a conditioner!)” writes one customer. “I love how light it feels while washing my hair and leaves it looking healthier and shinier after the first wash. I will never go without Moremo.” 

If you feel like your hair care routine is missing something, then you’ll definitely want to add Moremo’s Water Treatment Miracle 10 to your shower. Your hair will thank you.

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