What shops can stay open? (Getty Images)
What shops can stay open? (Getty Images)

Sussex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and a number of other areas in England have now moved to tier 4.

London, most of Essex, and Kent had already been placed in tier 4 by the Prime Minister on Sunday 20 December.

This level of restrictions requires residents to stay at home and the closure of non-essential business, including those in the indoor leisure sector, personal care and entertainment venues.

According to the government, the closures are meant to reduce social contact, with residents in the tier 4 areas now under a “stay at home” order due to a new variant of Covid-19 that has led to a faster transmission rate.

Some non-essential shops will be allowed to stay open if they are operating click-and-collect, delivery or takeaway, however, most non-essential businesses will be forced to close.

What shops are open in tier 4?

Under the new restrictions, businesses that provide essential goods and services can stay open.

These include businesses such as food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, Christmas tree retailers, hardware stores, banks, post-offices and off-licenses.

Repair shops will also be allowed to continue operating in tier 4 areas, as will petrol stations, automatic car washes, vehicle repair shops and taxi and car rental businesses.

According to the government’s website, laundrettes and dry cleaners can stay open, as can pet shops and animal rescue centres.

You can find a full list of essential businesses here.

Can any non-essential shops stay open?

According to the restrictions, non-essential shops, such as retail, vehicle showrooms, tobacco and vape shops, tailors and electronic goods stores can stay open only if they are operating click-and-collect, where goods are ordered online and then collected from the premises.

The same rules apply to market stalls selling non-essentials, with the businesses only allowed to stay open if they are open for pick-ups.

Can you go to the shops at any time?

According to the restrictions, people living in tier 4 areas are asked to only leave their homes if they have to travel for work, education, childcare, exercise, medical appointments, buying goods or services, or to visit those in their support bubble.

When it comes to shopping, individuals are asked to shop from businesses that are “within your local area wherever possible”.

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